We built our company around the belief that visiting and exploring the island is a wonderful experience that should not harm local communities. We strongly believe travelling in a way that preserves the natural environment, adheres to cultural customs and supports local communities is not just respectful but actually makes for a better travel experience. 

We are on a mission to empower locals to share their stories. Our aim is to provide experiences that reveal the island's magic through interesting interactions and unique viewpoints. We encourage travellers to explore lesser-visited spots, which always end up being our client's best memories.

We are promoting staying in locally owned accommodation or small family-run hotels. Additionally, we actively source activities that put local people at the centre and spread economic benefits of tourism around the community. By doing so, we ensure local people are directly benefiting from opportunities created by employment , while the visitors have an opportunity to take part in high quality, often unique experience, knowing they are having a direct and positive impact.



We design original experiences - with our culture and communities  at the heart of everything we do -  with your health and wellbeing in mind. Whether you want to pamper yourself with a chic relaxing getaway in a private villa, explore sightseeing, food and local culture, go on action-packed eco tours, or need assistance with your film/ photography production plans, we guarantee a unique and personalised experience. We can organise your entire itinerary from start to finish or help you book accommodations, restaurants, museum visits, wellness treatments and activities from an “à la carte” menu. When you arrive, we’ll be your insider guide to Martinique with expert advice.