We don't claim to be perfect, but we are on a mission to collaboratively protect the environment, uplift the surrounding communities, and keep money within local economies. Our core values are the foundation of what we do by celebrating the beauty of our island, heritage and culture. We aim to act responsibly and constantly re-evaluate the way we work to minimise our environmental footprint.





The community brings the island to life through their personal stories and experiences and allow you to truly get under the skin of Martinique. In their safe and capable hands, you can rest assured you're being well looked after from start to finish - and may even end up with a friend for life. You can trust that you'll get expert recommendations from someone who knows the place inside out. We don't ask you where, we want to know why - because understanding your motivations and expectations is how we make sure the journey is right for you. 


Authenticity is the heartbeat of our business. We honour the land of the first inhabitants, the indigenous people, Carib Indians, and celebrate our mixed heritage. Islanders really love sharing our culture. We will encourage you to make your travel a full-body experience by engaging your senses wherever you go: Touching, Tasting, Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the world around you. 



We’re taking steps to increase the positive impacts of our business and to minimise the negatives. We want to communicate our journey towards responsible travel with honesty and transparency. Our mission is to ensure we have as much of a positive impact as possible, and this mission is never-ending. We work with some amazing partners across the island who share our values. We ensure that our experiences avoid any activities that exploit domestic or working animals. By addressing our impacts across Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, we hope that our trips will have a more positive impact all over the island.