Focused on sustainability, diversity and inclusivity the travel service platform creates experiences that reveal the fabric of the island, benefit local communities and respect local customs.


Maison Carib today unveiled a new platform of personalised and off-the-beaten path travel services in Martinique for travellers who want to get beneath the surface. With a mission to preserves the natural environment, adheres to cultural custom and supports local communities, Maison Carib aims to provide experiences that reveal the island's magic through interesting interactions and unique viewpoints. Maison Carib designs original experiences - with their culture and communities at the heart of everything they do - with the traveller’s health and wellbeing in mind.



Maison Carib launches as the world is opening back up to global travellers with a more sustainable and respectful approach to travel at the core of its business. “Our mission is, through this new platform to shake things up when it comes to tourism on the island. We want to uplift and give the power back to the locals, allow them to share their story in a more provide a more authentic voice. Fundamentally our approach to the future of tourism on the island is to create more sustainable human connections. More than a sustainable concept, I like to think of it as  “common sense” tourism. If you came to visit my space and environment, this is how I would welcome you, the people I would introduce you to, the food I would feed you, etc.”, says Frederique Stephanie, Founder & CEO of Maison Carib. “Tourism’s rebound depends on a few things, the most important being inclusivity. If we’re talking about shaking things up a little bit, and as a black woman business owner, it needs to begin with highlighting the voices and faces of people of colour in any way we can, through our suppliers, our partners, the story tellers, the creative minds we work with”, added Stephanie.


Martinique, a French overseas department is heavily dependent on tourism. As the island gradually reopens its borders to tourists, Maison Carib is focused on bolstering its resilience to future disruptions by enhancing the sustainability of the island tourism industry. “In the last few years, we have noticed a shift in the way visitors (especially the younger generation) travel. In search of more authenticity, they strive to be connected to cultures and travel with more purpose. There is also a generational movement of Martinicans who left to study and/or abroad, have now come back with specific skills and expertise and actively want to contribute to the development of the island”, says Frederique Stephanie. She built the business around the belief that visiting and exploring the island is a wonderful experience that should not harm local communities. She strongly believes travelling in a way that preserves the natural environment, adheres to cultural custom and supports local communities is not just respectful but actually makes for a better travel experience.


Maison Carib is a full-service platform that provides everything from accommodation to experiences, wellness and food with a strong focus on “everything local”, ancestral methods, approaches and natural remedies. Their expertise lies in their connections. The concept suppliers true insider tips. Tips that are customised for you, only you. They are an insider guide to Martinique with expert advice. Maison Carib finds a way that tourism can be maintained long term without harming natural and cultural environments. From making cassava pancakes at the Savannah Of The Slaves, spending the day island hopping and hanging out with the “imps of darkness” for a Robinson Crusoe like-experience to mastering the art of Yole sailing with the locals or taking a low-impact tour on a catamaran, there are plenty of opportunities to truly embrace a more authentic Caribbean lifestyle.

Additionally, they offer a range of wellness and fitness options in the comfort of your private villa or on the beach: group fitness classes including yoga and meditation along with healthy local eating options and outdoor experiences.

At the end of the trip, they offer travellers the opportunity to keep their travel memories and vibes alive a little longer with their “Ti Box”: they specialize in curated and meaningful custom gift boxes that tell a story through carefully selected local products and wrapping details.



Martinique being named the world’s top emerging destination for 2021 reflects the many wonders of the island along with the richness of its culture and the warmth of its people. This distinction is a real recognition for the island since the Emerging Destinations list is based on spots around the world that travellers are saving on TripAdvisor. For travellers who wants an unforgettable experience, the French Caribbean Island of Martinique has so many things to offer: from strolling along the Bay of Fort-de-France (a member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World) taking a dive in its crystal clear waters, discovering the traditional Yole Boat recently listed among the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage, or tasting the most prestigious A.O.C. rum in the world, to name just a few.