We offer personal or group fitness classes including yoga and meditation along with  healthy local eating options and outdoor experience.


Maison Carib will make it easier to focus on health and fitness during your stay. 

We are really taking a holistic approach to the offerings from the wellness perspective in that there is not a single style or type of practice in any form that meets all needs. We want to ensure we are able to offer something nourishing for each and every client and traveller. 

Our goal is to create a unique opportunity for our guests to reset. 

Let us do the hard work and arrange your wellness schedule. We will plan for your needs and level of experience. Indulge yourself in a massage, get in shape through our home or beach fitness programme or get your stretch on in a morning yoga session. 


In-home yoga is a structured yoga teaching session that revolves around your schedule, location and goals all thought by a certified yoga instructor. Your private trainer will be available to meet with you in your home or whatever other appropriate location meets your needs. If you require yoga equipment, we are happy to accommodate you with the proper gear and accessories to get you started. 



The Personal Training offered at Maison Carib is unparalleled to any other in the area. We confidently and enthusiastically cater to people of all fitness levels and ages (especially 40+). Attention to detail is uncompromised in our private one-on-one personal training where our educated Personal Trainers guide you step by step in proper form, technique, and personalised coaching. These sessions are personally designed and tailored to your fitness level, unique goals, and modified easily to work through, on or around any health ailments or conditions.  These private sessions are conveniently scheduled based upon your schedule.



We offers a personalised Pilates class proven to increase strength, stamina, and overall well-being while reducing pain and rehabbing injury. Private sessions are available for individuals, duets, or for groups of up to 6.


Healing and wellness are incredibly important to everyone at Maison Carib. It is why we do what we do. Whether you have never had a massage or are a seasoned spa veteran, we are here to provide you with the most amazing treatments and therapy. You are welcome to make an appointment. We are here to pamper you a bit and help you relax.


From plant-based to allergen-sensitive to detoxifying menus, optimising nutrition and food fulfilment is at the centre of our menu options. Our farm-to-table nutritional philosophy means a focus on local, fresh, organic whole foods designed to balance blood sugar and aid your body’s ‘natural biochemistry’. Our meals are predominantly plant-based and low in fat, sodium and sugar without compromising on flavour.

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